Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA)


Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) is three years full time regular course, affiliated to C. C. S. University, Meerut. The main objective of the BBA program is to open a channel of admission to Basic management course for students who have passed the 10+2 and are interested in making of management as career.

This course aims at transforming a student into a corporate personality. The curriculum of this course is the perfect blend of different functional areas such as Marketing, HRD, Accounting, IT & Finance, which enables the students to aspire for higher studies at Premium Business Schools in India and abroad.

The duration of B.B.A. shall be three academic years consisting of six semesters. Each semester will be of about ninety working days duration followed by an examination of the University with a small break of vacations. The admission will be governed by the rules prescribed by the State Government/University from time to time.


  • To build a strong foundation needed for career in business.
  • The course ensures a perfect balance between theoretical foundation and practical exposure to the present business scenario.
  • To make leaders who are self-starters and self-motivated with excellent communication and managerial skills.


B.B.A. - N101 Business Organization
B.B.A. - N102 Business Maths
B.B.A. - N103 Principles of Economics
B.B.A. - N104 Book-Keeping & Basic Accounting
B.B.A. - N105 Business Laws
B.B.A. - N106 Fundamentals of Business Management
B.B.A. - N107 Viva Voce
B.B.A. - N201 Business Environment
B.B.A. - N202 Business Communication
B.B.A. - N203 Indian Economy
B.B.A. - N204 Principles of Accounting
B.B.A. - N205 Organizational Behavior
B.B.A. - N206 Business Statistics
B.B.A. - N207 Presentation & Viva Voce
B.B.A. - N301 Advertising Management
B.B.A. - N302 Indian Banking Systems
B.B.A. - N303 Human Resource Management
B.B.A. - N304 Marketing Management
B.B.A. - N305 Company Accounts
B.B.A. - N306 Company Law
B.B.A. - N307 Viva Voce
B.B.A. - N401 Consumer Behavior
B.B.A. - N402 Financial Management
B.B.A. - N403 Production Management
B.B.A. - N404 Sales Management
B.B.A. - N405 Research Methodology
B.B.A. - N406 Operations Research
B.B.A. - N407 Market Survey Report & Viva-Voce
B.B.A. - N501 Managerial Economic
B.B.A. - N502 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management
B.B.A. - N503 Income Tax Laws and Accounting
B.B.A. - N504 Cost & Management Accounting
B.B.A. - N505 Industrial Law
B.B.A. - N506 Fundamentals of Computers
B.B.A. - N507 Viva Voce
B.B.A. - N601 International Trade
B.B.A. - N602 Strategic Management & Business Policy
B.B.A. - N603 Central Sales Tax & Trade Tax in UP
B.B.A. - N604 Management Information System
B.B.A. - N605 Auditing
B.B.A. - N606 Fundamentals of E-Commerce
B.B.A. - N607 Project Report & Evaluation
B.B.A. - N608 Comprehensive Viva-voce