Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


MBA (Master of Business Administration) is two Year full time post graduate degree program, comprising two semesters each year, approved by AICTE and  affiliated to Mahamaya Technical University (MTU), Noida / Gautam Budha Technical University (GBTU), Lucknow with , Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University Lucknow(AKTU). MBA program enable you to earn a high level, specialist qualification, acquiring a skill set and expertise that could benefit you in any business environment.

The degree program will prove invaluable to anyone wishing to success in the world of business, and will enable you to gain both the skills and knowledge to perform effectively in a cutting edge business environment.

The aim of the MBA degree is to develop students' business expertise through an enhanced capacity for integrity, judgment and intuition. MBA students develop advanced competency in a number of key disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, IT and strategic management.

The learning goals of the degree are designed to meet the needs of today's rapidly changing enterprises including areas such as electronic business, finance, banking, corporate accounting, marketing, operations management, employment relations, management in the public, private and international spheres, information technology, engineering, event management, tourism, sport, arts and leisure management.

The focus is on developing specific skills including the ability to integrate accounting, finance, marketing and management skills for progressive solutions and sound management decisions; capacity for analyzing and synthesizing complex information and knowledge for tactical and strategic business decisions; effective leadership and teamwork skills; designing innovative business models and strategies that adhere to the principles of responsible corporate governance and social responsibility.


  • Marketing
  • Human Resource
  • Financial Management
  • International Business
  • Information Technology


  • Insurance & Risk Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Project Management
  • Rural Management


1- Principles & Practice of Management
2- Managerial Economics
3- Accounting & Financial Analysis
4- Organisational Behaviour
5- Business Statistics
6- Marketing Management
7- Computer Applications in Management
8- Communication for Management
1- Business Environment
2- Business Laws
3- Research Methodology
4- Operations Research
5- Production & Operations Management
6- Cost & Management Accounting
7- Financial Management
8- Managing Human Resources
9- Comprehensive Viva (CV)
1- Supply Chain Management
2- Strategic Management
3- Management Information System
4- Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication
5- Specialization Group -1 Elective
6- Specialization Group -1 Elective
7- Specialization Group -2 Elective
8- Specialization Group -2 Elective
9- Summer Training Project Report
1- Entrepreneurship Development
2- Corporate Governance, Values & Ethics
3- Specialization Group -1 Elective
4- Specialization Group -1 Elective
5- Specialization Group -2 Elective
6- Open Specialization Elective (Any one)
7- Research Project Report
8- Comprehensive Viva (CV)
9- Total


Personal Growth and Training & Development
Team Building & Leadership
Industrial Relations & Labour Enactments
Negotiation & Counseling
Marketing of Services
Sales & Distribution Management
Marketing Research
Retail Management
Management of Working Capital
Management of Financial Institutions & Services
Security Analysis and Investment Management
Tax Panning & Financial Reporting
Database Management System
Data Communication & Network
System Analysis & Design and Software Engineering
Electronic Commerce
International Marketing
Export Management and Documentation
International Business Environment & Foreign Exchange Economics
International Logistics Management
Insurance & Risk Management
Project Management
Hospitality Management
Rural Management


MBA 111 Marketing Management
MBA 112 Organizational Behavior
MBA 113 Legal & Regulatory Framework
MBA 114 Managerial Economics
MBA 115 Business Statistics
MBA 116 Computer Application in Management
MBA 117 Accounting & Financial Analysis
MBA 118 Communication for Management
MBA 211 Management Accounting
MBA 212 Production & Operations Management
MBA 213 Operations Research
MBA 214 Financial Management
MBA 215 Research Methodology
MBA 216 Economic Environment of Business
MBA 217 Managing Human Resource
MBA 218 E-Business
MBA 311 Supply Chain Management
MBA 312 Strategic Management
MBA 313 Management Information System
Specialization Group-1 Elective 1 *
Specialization Group-1 Elective 2 *
Specialization Group-2 Elective 1 *
Specialization Group-2 Elective 2 *
MBA 314 Summer Training Project Report
MBA 411 Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Corporate Governance
MBA 413 Research Project Report
MBA 412 International Business and Trade
Specialization Group-1 Elective 3 *
Specialization Group-1 Elective 4 *
Specialization Group-2 Elective 3 *
Specialization Group-2 Elective 4 *